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December’s Newsletter Being Mailed Out Today

Inside this issue: Victoria’s everyday musicianship tips, interview with ace-est bassist and new member Kieran and a run-down of artist Nicola McAteer’s recent training with Musicians Without Borders. Up and coming dates for members on the front cover pictured here.

Unboxing Musical Connections New Toy

Musical Connections is now the proud new owner of a Roli Lightpad. This small tactile wireless device (seen here being charged) when paired with an iPad or iPhone can be used to play beats and notes at the press of a finger. The volume and of a note can be fine tuned by pressing harder […]

The Strangest Feeling on the Radio

Our very own Steve Ison will be appearing live on Brum Radio at 4:30pm today, talking about his band with Paul Carroll, Pete Churchill and Nicola McAteer The Strangest Feeling and – erm – sports! You can listen here:

Mid-Project Gig, Sat 21st January

Date for your diary: 7:30-10pm Saturday 21st January 2017, Kitchen Garden Café, 17 York Road, Kings Heath, B14 7SA. An informal opportunity for project members to have a go at performing live in the lovely warm atmosphere of the Kitchen Garden Café. Admission is just a £2 donation towards the running of the project. Please […]