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Impact - for organisations/partners

At Quench Arts we firmly believe in monitoring and evaluation and consider this to be a key element of any quality programme. We are keen to share our impact and learning, including what hasn’t worked and any challenges alongside our successes. We know that honest and open evaluation is key to relationship building with our partners and funders and we strive to continue to learn and develop as an organisation but also to share the impact of our work beyond our immediate stakeholders in order to influence the work of others and encourage wider support for the sector.

Embedding monitoring and evaluation into our projects is really important in giving participants ownership over their participation. They can set their own aims and targets for the project and can also reflect for themselves where they are at the moment and how they want things to improve. This can be really empowering for participants. Often people find it hard to see how they are improving on a day-to-day basis, so having evidence and information to back from the start of the project can help participants see the journey that they have made. This can really highlight their progress and success, building self-belief and pride and increasing motivation to further engage and progress! We use our baseline tools to create statistical data, analysing the impact of our programmes on each project’s cohort of participants but we also place great value on celebrating the individual journey of each participant through our project case studies.

For more information about our evaluation process please have a read of the blogs highlighted and feel free to read through the selection of project evaluation reports and presentations shared on this page.

Musical Connections Residency
Musical Connections residency
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